What we do & getting started

Precise Drafting, Inc. produces documents to support the construction process from concept through final completion. We execute and refine and implement your design ideas.

We start with listening to what you want. We get input from our clients in many forms, but most commonly it begins with...

• A conversation

• A simple sketch or diagram

• A photograph or a magazine article

• An existing drawing

• A visit to an existing building

Precise Drafting, Inc. provides Idaho with premium Construction Administration services to assist in facilitating a successful and smooth project.

Construction Administration Services. Once construction starts, we can provide services to deal with all the questions that arise during construction.

Construction Billing and Accounting Services

Checking all the invoices and maintaining systems to track costs

Creating and tracking large format construction schedules

Assisting with Contractor Selection

Assisting with Subcontractor Selection / Preparing RFP's (Requests for Proposals)

Responding to Contractor RFI's (Requests For Information) and Change Order Requests

Construction Photos and Documentation

Quick Response to Field Questions. "The carpenters are ready to install X, but Y is in the way. Can you come out and take a look?"