PDI provides a full range of services in support of the entire building process from concept to completion.

Architectural, Structural Drafting and Detailing, both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional work.

Building Information Modeling. The process of developing a 3d model of the project, combined with 2d drawings and a database of the building components to create a set of architectural or structural drawings.

Preparing Construction Budgets and Estimates

Permitting and Applications. We have been involved in successfully obtaining permits for intricate applications involving wetlands, hillside, avalanche, and other challenging regulatory issues. We have experience with preparation and coordination of applications, exhibits, expert consultants, and being a single point of contact for the design team to maintain momentum and direction.

Preparing Construction Time Schedules. We create large format Bar Chart time schedules for construction planning.

Preparing Shop Drawings and Details for any architectural or structural need. The most common shop drawings are for structural steel, cabinets, and special architectural elements like stairs and railings, and timber trusses.

Shop Drawing Checking. PDI can do detailed dimensional checking and proofing of shop drawings created by truss manufacturers, or steel fabricators, or cabinet fabricators.

As Built Drawings and Field Measuring. We can field measure existing buildings and create As Built drawings as a base for PDI or your architect to work from.

Construction Administration Services. Once construction starts, we can provide services to deal with all the questions that arise during construction.

Construction Billing and Accounting Services

Checking all the invoices and maintaining systems to track costs

Creating and tracking large format construction schedules

Assisting with Contractor Selection

Assisting with Subcontractor Selection / Preparing RFP's (Requests for Proposals)

Responding to Contractor RFI's (Requests For Information) and Change Order Requests

Construction Photos and Documentation

Quick Response to Field Questions. "The carpenters are ready to install X, but Y is in the way. Can you come out and take a look?"